Lost in the Pyramid

Lost in the Pyramid 1.2

Old-style comedy adventure game


  • Amusing story
  • Simple control system
  • Highly addictive


  • Limited graphics


Once upon a time computer games didn't have the luxury of fancy graphics to make them appealing to users. Instead, they had to rely a lot more on imagination and original ideas to entice gamers. I remember loads of text-based adventure games that had me gripped for longer than many of today's lavish productions.

Lost in the Pyramid recaptures the magic of those classics in the form of an imaginative quest in which you star as Indiana Bones, a famous archeologist who has a dream one night about a pyramid. After waking up, you must go to consult a psychic who reveals where to start your mission, then it's off into the wild unknown to explore the mythical building of your dreams.

Along the way you'll need to make decisions based on the information presented to you on screen and your responses determine whether you score points and progress to the next stage, lose points, or even lose one of your five lives. The control system is akin to most text-based adventure games, where you need to respond to a statement (e.g. 'Open the door?', 'Go to Africa?', 'Pay the psychic?') by clicking Yes or No (or 'What' to repeat the question).

The responses to your answers can be hilarious at times and this makes the Lost in the Pyramid great fun to play. Some of the put-downs and one-liners delivered by the computer are worthy of a Chris Rock stand-up show. Despite its humorous nature, progressing through the levels in no laughing matter, and some of the puzzles will take you quite some time to complete.

Graphically, the game isn't anyway near as bad as those famous text-based games of old on on the Commodore or Spectrum. There are colorful cartoon pictures along the way that illustrate what is happening, although I felt there could have been more of these, as some stay on the screen for a long time.

Overall though, Lost in the Pyramid is really good fun, and is a big enough adventure to keep you captivated for ages.

Lost in the Pyramid is a fresh idea that brings back memories from the old, funny adventure games. Your character is an archeologist which discovers a brand new Pyramid. Your task is to enter the Pyramid, explore it, unravel its mysteries and try not to die.

Features of the game include:

• Fully translated into several languages
• Hilarious story and humorous dialogs
• Many rooms to explore
• Witty puzzles to solve
• Easy point and click game play with interactive inventory
• Square VGA resolution (640x640)
• Funny interactive scenes
• Automatic save and continue system
• Two different game endings
• Export your Hi-Score online and compare it with everybody

Lost in the Pyramid


Lost in the Pyramid 1.2

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